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North Carolina Association of Realtors

Greensboro, NC

The Realtors feel it is time for an update to a light, airy, open and welcoming space with a better vibe for guests and employees. After meeting with staff to discuss workflows and practical aspects of their business, we have started with a new Master Plan. A Master Plan outlines what can happen, and while it isn’t set in stone, it does help direct facility evolution so that the space reflects how owners want the project to progress. The upcoming changes are prompting the Realtors to re-align departments so that related business functions are located in the same areas of the building. Also, the new plan will accommodate a “green room” upstairs allowing staff to easily and affordably create video-based education modules to be accessed from their ten member regions around the state. The interior will get a much-needed facelift with upgraded finishes including plentiful glass to allow for more natural light to permeate the lobby, offices and classroom spaces.

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