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ESPA is committed to greening our design practices by pushing the envelope with the latest green technology and design trends. We have LEED® accredited professionals on staff to guide the client and the design process toward sustainable practices and to help assess short term costs against long term benefits. An integrated design approach requires that design team members be involved earlier in the process to ensure that sustainable design strategies are a primary focus of the project all the way through to the owner occupancy of a building. It is a collaborative process resulting in decisions that respect the environment and that produce healthy, efficient and cost effective buildings. Opportunities include:

  • Site-specific features such as daylighting, resource conservation, and efficient site development.
  • Specifying products and materials that are renewable, regionally manufactured and contain low VOCs.
  • Verifying a building’s performance capabilities.
  • Energy models that evaluate building systems.
  • Improvement of construction practices resulting in reduced contaminants and waste products.
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